Mini Dream Team – Learning Through Production

At Jelly, there is a learning stage for those who are new to the team which gives a mission to improve and refine design abilities, Unity development skills, and overall execution of production stages. It lets people practice how to work with parallel tasks, iterate quickly, schedule, document, and produce a game in a small amount of time, so that in the end they are well-integrated into the style and environment of Jelly’s overall game production.

Enter our Mini Dream Team. A small team of 3 who are new to Jelly, and were given the opportunity to practice their skills and collaborate together to make a small game. For 3 weeks, they worked on all levels of game production to sharpen their pencils, clean their keyboards, and see what they could do. They aimed for a simple, artful, cute game that they could complete in a short period of time.

Part of the mission was to document and then design a website to share their work. It is both for the satisfaction of being able to release their little game to the world, and also so that they can share their processes with other game developers out there. Here is the link to the mini-site. You can download the PSD to see the process of how they made the environment, characters, and the cover photo.  It was a great mission overall, and everyone here is happy to finally share it with you!

Go To Game Site!

Marion Cohn

Branding & Communications

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