How Board Kings’ players surprised us and themselves

The story of  an event that Board Kings’ community participated in, that quickly built up into something that went over the top… Above… and beyond… everyone’s expectations!
(These puns will make sense soon)

Good board games are always a special treat. As anyone who ever played with friends anything from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan and Pandemic, knows how exciting and heated things can get.

That’s why for our second game we decided to take on the challenge of bringing board games to the app market, with Board Kings. We incorporated our unique Mingle-Play experience in it – mixing singleplayer with multiplayer, in a way that still keeps the excitement of playing it with your friends, without requiring all of them to be logged in at the same time in order to play this board game.

But what we’ll tell you about this time is about a pretty whimsical Community+In-game event we held for our player community: Tower Day.

It was inspired by a few screenshots our players posted on social media, showcasing the fact that once two game pieces (We call them Idolz) are simultaneously on the same tile, they stack up on each other. So the idea of holding a “Build the biggest idol tower” event was pretty inevitable at this point.

We expected a few real life friends will coordinate in a team effort via Facebook/Whatsapp, then choose which of them will be the host and the rest of the team will travel to his board to start stacking up.

But then this happened…

Mason Spink was among the first to comment, but his true genius was that he invited EVERYONE to come to his board. And it worked.

From there it quickly built up into a tower that went over the top and above and beyond anyone’s expectations! Very fast! At least 234 new buddies traveled to Mason’s board and stacked up to erect this Frankentower monstrosity! Reaching for the sky and ending up going through the roof! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the puns)

Then they commented on his thread with screenshots of them joining the tower. These screenshot unfold the rapid growth and amazement they shared seeing it happening.


This goes on like that for over 300 comments – see all here.

It was awesome to watch this thread becoming a kind of forum for all involved in this epic tower and how perfect strangers had a common topic to talk, laugh and be amazed about.
You can see it became a passion project they all were very proud to contribute to.

In terms of interesting effects on the game during the event –
The obvious metric which showed significant growth is the amount friends approved:

  • Friends approved per user – up by 120% (!)
  • Average session count – up by 15%
  • Average duration in game – up by 25%

We can already tease that we have more where that came from – hoping our players will be into it as much as they were this time. This inspired us to come up with similar events and next up we will focus around creating the most creative idol combos (Also influenced by a player’s screenshot of a Polar Bear idol with the swagger diamond idol on top) and also to fill all the tiles on the board with idolz… 

Stay tuned!


Alon Rosh

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  1. Jinny S.

    I play the pirate kings game. Have several islands because I love it so much❤ When boardkings came out I was quick to sign up, but then I realized I needed to dedicate play time to my Pirates. After reading this page (the story on the idol tower build) I feel very curious…I may try it!

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